epicsauce.com and Yours Truly Present: Teen Daze + Yalls + Speculator + epicsauce djs (9.13)

Teen Daze
Teen Daze :: Around (mp3)
Teen Daze :: Bobby's Almost (mp3)
Teen Daze :: The Harvest (mp3)

Yalls :: Shapeless (mp3)
Yalls :: Germs (mp3)

Speculator :: Jenny Says (mp3)
Speculator :: Cruiser (mp3)

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Teen Daze
"But unlike a lot of these bedroom blurmongers, Teen Daze seems in total control; his synths bleed into more brilliant colors, his languid pace more purposeful, his memory bank FDIC-insured, his vagueness earned by the quality of his output...Daze's tone palette appears about as rich as anybody's working in the genre. For as much slack memoryfuzz as he conjures, Teen Daze has an eye on the dancefloor, and quite a few of these tracks sound a bit like Erasure numbers left to melt in the sun." -Pitchfork

"This is definitely post-Panda Bear music -- slow, assured yet blurred, heavy on melody and atmospherics in equal parts -- but it carries a singular and memorable beauty" -RCRDLBL

"The entire album exudes this warmth, making it an ideal collection of songs for today and the rest of the summer. With a delicate mixture of hazy synthetic effects and more traditional instruments, Four More Years is a debut that proves Teen Daze's ear for balance and positions him as an artist whose creations leave you wanting to hear more and more." -Altered Zones

"Teen Daze's washy bedroom synth exercises have already been both widely praised and shoehorned into the chillwave genre. Yet that ignores the music's melancholy pop vibe, something that wouldn't be out of place on an '80s John Hughes movie soundtrack" -XLR8R

"doesn’t seem to waste an ounce of precious pop while keeping the weird flowing like water." -YVYNYL

"Recommended listening if you’re taking a bike ride in this beautiful summer weather– or if you’re stuck in a heatwave, also good if you want to push your imagination to cooler limits. " -Listen Before You Buy

"Yalls seems to have used what sounds to be the melancholic score to a distant film. Deep string chords are set to quirky synth hooks and a standard beat. The standout would have to be his dry howling vocals, that sound strange against the almost happy, melodies that appear here and there. I’m curious to see what Yalls brings next. So strange." -Life Aquatic

"emphasizes the "lo-fi" in "glo-fi", burying potentially sunny tunes under mounds of tape-warped noise." -Pitchfork

"Speculator map out these plastic and perhaps “half-remembered” memories into a day-glo, electronic, and responsibly recycled type of pop." Delicious Scopitone

"perfect blend of '80s memories and low fidelity slacker pop…the sonic counterpart of the Brat Pack." -Altered Zones