epicsauce.com presents: Adventure + Exray's + Phantom Kicks + Yalls + epicsauce DJs at Milk (3/24)

We are pleased to announce our first party of 2011 with Adventure + Exray's + Phantom Kicks + Yalls + epicsauce DJs at Milk. Hope to see you there!

Adventure :: Rio (MP3)
Adventure :: Feels Like Heaven (MP3)

Exray's :: Hesitation (MP3)
Exray's :: You Forgot (MP3)

Phantom Kicks
Phantom Kicks :: Eyes Familiar (MP3)
Phantom Kicks :: Cut From a Different Clay (MP3)

Yalls :: Shapeless (MP3)
Yalls :: Germs (MP3)

RSVP :: http://bit.ly/hbnYhB

Adventure - http://www.myspace.com/adventuresound
"Wham City's Adventure is set to release The Lesser Known on March 22 via Carpark And since Wham City rules, Carpark is awesome, and you like to do what we say, you should listen to "Rio" above and seriously consider including Adventure in your life." -Tiny Mix Tapes

"During their shows, Adventure goes all out; an explosion of bubbles... brightly colored full body suits... crazy lights and swirling projections. In other words, it's kind of like you're watching a live action video game unfold right before your eyes. There won't be any staring at laptops with dazed indifference to the audience at an Adventure show. They make it A SHOW." -Oh My Rockness

"Adventure, meanwhile, is offering an equally heavenly track called 'Feels Like Heaven', which is celestial as anything referencing the place should be and usually is ('Heaven Is A Half Pipe' aside)." -NME

"Though I’m actually quite a sucker for ADD 8-bit music I like nothing more than when it transcends its functional roots and hints at something epic. This does that in spades" -20jazzfunkgreats

- http://www.myspace.com/exraysvision

"In case you haven't heard, a new crop of bands in the neighborhood is getting weird. One of them is Bernson's Exray's, a collaboration with Michael Falsetto-Mapp that blends harmonious elements from Continental synth-punk, decades-old musique concrete, and L.A.'s instrumental hip-hop, and mashes it all together using the glue of lo-fi pop melodicism. You can't help but link Exray's to the same pie-in-the-sky garage-pop fronted by the Fresh & Onlys, Sonny & the Sunsets, Ty Segall, and others. But there's an inorganic quality to Exray's that sets the project apart from its peers." - SF Weekly

"Exrays shined a beam of light with generous amounts of rocking electro-folk and ample gratitude and grace. " -Impose

"On its self-titled debut album, the upstart group teeters effortlessly between acoustic folk, progressive rock and electro-pop, resulting in a cinematic recording that feels structured somehow, even if it's a square peg jammed into a round hole. " -Prefix

Phantom Kicks
- http://www.myspace.com/phantomkicks

"Fusing electronic concepts with the looped and layered melodic tendencies of post-rock, the Phantom Kicks have created a soothing and fascinatingly intricate soundscape." - The Deli Magazine

"At its core, the music is powered by an arsenal of beats, waves and cloud soft atmospherics. Against that light lo-fi background, every song sounds dense and interesting. But it’s their skill with experimentation into solidly structured and appealing tunes that makes the Phantom Kicks special." - Kata Rokkar




"Yalls have caused quite a wave in the music blogs lately with their funky psych-pop jams “Germs,” “Runs in the Family,” and “Spaceship.” I now have the pleasure of introducing a new song called “Rerepeater” that builds on the ever-growing sound we’ve come to love…Don’t let this bouncy brand new Yalls track miss your ears." -Neonwaves

"Yalls seems to have used what sounds to be the melancholic score to a distant film. Deep string chords are set to quirky synth hooks and a standard beat. The standout would have to be his dry howling vocals, that sound strange against the almost happy, melodies that appear here and there. I’m curious to see what Yalls brings next. So strange." -Life Aquatic

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