epicsauce.com presents: Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) + Religious Girls + Part Time + epicsauce djs (9.8)

Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble)
Born Gold :: Albaster Bodyworlds (mp3)
Born Gold :: Lawn Knives (mp3)

Religious Girls
Religious Girls :: E.S.L. (mp3)
Religious Girls :: O.G. (mp3)

Part Time
Part Time :: I Wanna Take You Out (mp3)
Part Time :: If I Lose My Cool I Die (mp3)

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Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble)
"DayGlo electro-pop... hyperactive... It sorta makes me think of a 32-bit Dismemberment Plan being quartered (not obnoxiously) by Dan Deacon." Stereogum

"Listen through the distortions and lo-fi-ness and squiggly synth squeals, and I think you'll hear what I'm hearing. And what are we both hearing together? Great goddamn pop." Oh My Rockness

"…a pool party in the midst of a hurricane, confetti and lawn chairs dancing in the wind to future-heavy electro beats, only slowing down for breaths on the catchy chorus." -Altered Zones

"one of the best live bands I've ever seen is playing there….I swear I've never seen more enthusiasm come out of a single group of musicians in my life." - The Stranger

"If you missed Gobble Gobble‘s performances at SXSW, you missed one of the festival’s most intensely engaging, rowdy, and blissful experiences offered." -I Guess I am Floating

"skittering jungle beats and tropical electropop sounds like the perfect thing to throw on as you're cruising through rainforests in your spacecraft. You know, because people do that, right?" -Brooklyn Vegan

Religious Girls
"These guys are a must-see." -The Bay Bridged

" We will be the first to say, on record, that we prefer Religious Girls to Animal Collective, live at least. A Religious Girls live show is going to be intimate with the opportunity to shout out your demons and woes right next to the band members. Just dress in something dingy because these dudes play the drums with day-glo paint--it gets messy." -Impose

"take refuge in the fragmented schizo-chant" -Altered Zones

Part Time
"Like the '80s tropes of neon lights and smoke machines that inspired Speck, the track is lathered in a cheesy gloss that helps make the song's real brilliance shine all the brighter." -Altered Zones

"Part Time is the slinky (new-)romantic synth-centric project of San Franciscan David Speck. You may have already heard his breezy, deadpan “In This Filthy City” (FKA “If I Lose My Cool I Die”), a coy ’80s throwback that sounds like Ric Ocasek covering Haunted Graffiti. New single “I Wanna Take You Out” carries on the heavy eyed vibes and jammy riffs, but somehow finds middle ground between chillwave and yacht rock" -Stereogum

"priapic boogie" -Fact Magazine