epicsauce.com presents: High Places + Psychic Handbook + David Scott Stone + Bobby Browser + epicsauce DJs

High Places (Thrill Jockey)

Psychic Handbook (Not Not Fun)

David Scott Stone (Post Present Medium)

Bobby Browser (100% Silk)

+epicsauce DJs

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High Places :: Year Off (mp3) http://cl.ly/3l33072I3k173B1e140A
High Places :: On Giving Up (mp3) http://cl.ly/3H1z0Y400J0R0o240y27

“Despite the duo’s ambitious blending of genres, the colorful, charismatic High Places remains unique and focused, naturally absorbing a rich array of influences and ultimately thriving on the impulses behind them.” -Pitchfork

“Blending beats produced from household objects with reverb-heavy vocal repetition, LA's electro duo High Places create hypnotic mood music that feels organic, in tune with the ever-shifting and evolving shape of nature. With three full-lengths on Chicago's Thrill Jockey and almost incessant touring with the likes of Deerhunter and YACHT under their belts, High Places are fresh but resilient.” -Flavorpill

"High Places have moved on, positioning themselves on the fringes of the ongoing chillwave explosion with enough invention to outlast most of its central protagonists." -BBC

"High Places could be dance music, it could be headphone music, it could be something to put under your pillow and fall asleep to, or it could be all of these things." - Impose

Psychic Handbook :: GLimmer Mist (mp3) http://cl.ly/2B0K4337460J2S0F0L20
Psychic Handbook :: Dolphina (mp3) http://cl.ly/0A3c3e1e0P1M1w2j1O3s

"…Fuck Buttons-on-cough-syrup…" -Pitchfork

"Creates sparkling soundscapes that build slowly, drawing the listener under their hypnotic power, and often go for ages - at least in the pop music world - forming nine-minute epics." -SF Chronicle

"Oakland’s most exuberant New Ager" -Altered Zones

"...drawn out compositions of minimal beats and tropical-flavored ambient sounds that slowly knead your mind into a trance." -EOTB

David Scott Stone w/ High Places :: All The Days Blur Together (MP3) http://bit.ly/ngVQBi
David Scott Stone :: Live (Video) http://bit.ly/qWdnPA

"He’s an undamned, five-fingered Dr. Faustus who must never sleep: One week he’s injecting his astrological mojo into Lavender Diamond, and coaxing sounds from his gadgets with new band the Sads the next. He’s worked with the Melvins, Unwound, Jello Biafra and Joe Lally (from Fugazi), as well as Mike Patton and Fantomas. On the local front, he’s accompanied Get Hustle, No Age, the Locust and Big Business. In between releasing a more structured, more conventional (and somewhat ominous) split album with Mike Gallagher of Isis (on metal brainiacs Neurosis’ label, Neurot), Stone these days has received invitations to play all over the place" -LA Weekly

"he's the Eno of our band" -Melvins' Dale Crover

Bobby Browser :: Jack 2 the Beat (mp3) http://cl.ly/2D2A2F2j0W0O0w022323
Bobby Browser :: Write Now (mp3) http://cl.ly/2N2v3R2j41331O0W0M2w

"If one thing can be said about producer Bobby Browser (the stage moniker for Andre Ferriera), it's that he knows his dance music history. The statement is somewhat obvious if you've had the pleasure of hearing his vintage-sounding, classic-house-inspired tracks." -SF Weekly

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