epicsauce.com presents: HOTTUB, Afghan Raiders, Woodhands and Loose Shus



“The Bay Area’s premier party starters, this trio of spandex-clad ladies bump and grind over hip-hop beats while spewing zany, racy rhymes like ‘When I was sixteen/ Lost my cherry to a boy named Barry/ Shot me with his gun like Dirty Harry.'" -Details Magazine

"This is party-starting dynamite packed by three extremely talented female MCs and two crushingly gifted fellas who craft the banging musical settings. Anthemic without being dumb, every cut is a shouter waiting for a room full of sweaty, lubricated people to chime along, though you’ll likely find yourself spinning around your living room with undignified abandon if this is playing. " -Jambase

Afghan Raiders

"They’re electro club remixers that usually break it off in a chest thumping manner" -Pasta Primavera

“Their distorted beats galvanize a catchy harmonized chorus for setting off sweaty audiences, whether they’re in a club or at a basement show…If Digitalism and Klaxons leave the throne empty for too long they might find Afghan Raiders in their seats.”
- rcrdlbl.com


"It's hard to believe Woodhands' synth-fired and swagger-fuelled dance music comes courtesy of only two people. But singer-keytarist Dan Werb and disco drummer Paul Banwatt (also of Rural Alberta Advantage) combine like Voltron into an electro robot that demands listeners get their groove on. " -Spinner

"A sweaty, two man disco party" -Brooklyn Vegan

Loose Shus

"For years he has holed himself up in his studio (bedroom), churning out track after hard-hitting, disco-burning track, a few of which have only recently been properly released via NY's Plant Music. Judging by his prolific output, it seems Dave L. only emerges every so often to play one of his intricately orchestrated live shows." -SF Weekly

"..more fuel for your fantasy getaway." -Bigstereo

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