epicsauce.com presents: Maus Haus + Bronze + POW! + epicsauce DJs at Bottom of the Hill

Dom + Heavy Hawaii + Melted Toys

We are back in action this Friday with Maus Haus + Bronze + POW! + epicsauce DJs at Bottom of the Hill. Presale to the synth-fest are $10 -- see you there!

Maus Haus
Maus Haus :: Winter
Maus Haus :: We Used Technology

Bronze :: Parallels (Cosmic Mindslayer Version)

Bronze :: "The Rouge Became"

POW! :: The Vibes

RSVP :: http://bit.ly/kkL9db

Maus Haus
"Hailing from the Bay Area, Maus Haus combine a paranoid insomniac vibe with playful pop lines and cleverly cinematic lyrics that make them out to be the bastard child of Kraftwerk hanging with Captain Beefheart that would obviously have a video starring Simon Le Bon and the boys. That is an admittedly nutso sentence, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what Maus Haus is - other than totally rad." -RCRDLBL

"The band's synth heavy blend of 60s psychedelia and contemporary electropop is shockingly tight and orchestrated, a refreshing departure from the current stream of laptop produced electro we love to hype. And while the music geek in us is thrilled by the acts use of horns, vintage keyboards, midi controllers and occasional dueling drum kits, the band still manages to please our internal hipster -- their shows are always all out dance parties." -SFist

"This is pop bent through the surreal lens of krautrock and cosmic psych. " -SF Weekly


"This trio melds synth grooves and Kraut beats into freak-out music for the future. Drum, vocals and electronics mix into spacey, spectral sounds that float into present-day San Francisco from another place and another time." -San Francisco Chronicle

"Bronze scales heights both in music and performance" -Soma Magazine

"…bring pulsating hypnotizing synth grooves to the dance floor, but have more in common with German kraut heroes Can than any slew of disco-obsessed post-punk bands." -Fecal Face

"Can’t think of a Bay Area band at the moment that’s been so consistently capable of blowing us away live more than Bronze. Something so damn refreshing and exhilarating about their approach to rhythmic psychedelic post-punk, a sound overflowing with dizzying synths and syncopated rhythms
that totally transport us to another dimension." -Aquarius Records

"Pow! is a garage rock band with a Moog." -Maus Haus