epicsauce.com presents: Neon Indian (DJ set), Afghan Raiders, Boyz IV Men, Sweat Wet (3/25)


epicsauce.com is proud to present Neon Indian (DJ Set), Afghan Raiders, Boyz IV Men and Sweat Wet + a set by DJ Summer Camp on Thursday, March 25th @ Milk (1840 Haight St). For $5, there is absolutely no reason to miss what is guaranteed to be an all out dance party. Check back for limited presale tickets later this week.

Note: Tickets will only be available the day of the show. For priority entrance, we recommend you RSVP on facebook.

Neon Indian (DJ Set)

2009 was quite the year for Neon Indian. The brainchild of VEGA founder and ex-Ghosthusler member Alan Palamno, it was only last April that the then bedroom production project first made waves with the anonymously leaked instant lo-fi classic, "Should Of Taken Acid With You." Still just a year into the project, Alan has already found himself making appearances on late night television, headlining national festivals and selling out just about every venue he performs at. His nostalgic sample and synth heavy debut Psychic Chasms was arguably one of the best albums of last year, landing a well deserved position in the top 20 of both Gorilla VS Bear and Pitchfork's year end list. And if his recent single "Sleep Paralysist" is any indication, we can only expect bigger and better things from the 21-year-old prodigy in 2010. We cannot wait to see what tricks Alan has up his sleeve when he brings his much buzzed Neon Indian DJ set to San Francisco for the first time. (epicsauce.com)

"Never ominous and always bright, Psychic Chasms is fantastic brain candy in the vein of electronica or millennial psychedelia. If poppy synthetics and warped, cloaked guitars are your thing, then prepare yourself for the bombardment of huge synth canopies and dancing notes in this vintage electro epic." -Popmatters

"Overall, Psychic Chasms is something like a dream collaboration between the Tough Alliance and Atlas Sound" -Pitchfork.com

"A thoroughly mature, detailed and crafty dance pop gem that graced us with a handful of the year's most memorable jams." -Gorrila Vs Bear

Afghan Raiders

Perhaps best known for their remix work for The Black Lips, The Faint, Phoenix and the aforementioned Neon Indian, Las Vegas favorites Afghan Raiders grabbed local headlines earlier this month when the two-piece expanded into a full-blown trio. As anyone who caught their all-out dance party at Blowup last summer can attest to, these dudes have always known how to perform -- we can only imagine how sweat-inducing their set will be with live drums now added to the equation. (epicsauce.com)

"They’re electro club remixers that usually break it off in a chest thumping manner" -Pasta Primavera

"Their distorted beats galvanize a catchy harmonized chorus for setting off sweaty audiences, whether they're in a club or at a basement show." -rcrdlbl.com

Boyz IV Men
As anyone who reads epicsauce.com knows, we got nothing but love for local disco-punk hybrid Boyz IV Men. Armed with a microkorg, a handful of Casio SK5s and a minimalist drum kit, the trio pounds out infectious beats and grooves that few can resist the urge to dance to. This is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and downright fun live bands in the city -- we expect big things from the band as they prep for their long awaited debut LP, due out later this year.

"Live electronic dance trio Boyz IV Men will rattle your bones til they're shut down" -SF Weekly

Sweat Wet
Always enigmatic, always awesome. Come prepared to dance. (epicsauce.com)

More info at http://epicsauce.com/dance

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