epicsauce.com presents: Reporter + Summer Blondes + Wampire + Party Effects + Boyz IV Men (DJ Set)



"Everyone seems to have posted Reporter already, and we just had to. They’re from beautiful Portland, Oregon and I just can’t get enough of their album ‘Time Incredible’. The album is full of goth disco sexiness. They’re being compared to Glass Candy left and right, but in all honesty they stand on their own. Their dirty and grimey sound slaps the dancey and me...lodic vibe in the face. Its a battle of noise and pop and who knows which one wins." -Big Stereo

"With speedy, sweaty drumbeats, power chords and frontwoman Alberta Poon’s sirenlike croon channeled through a vocoder, the reinvented Reporter sounds like the lovechild of Metric and the Walkmen." - Willamette Week


"Wampire's music is a shimmering, vivacious take on bouncy pop—a restrained Starfucker, a muted Deelay Ceelay electro rainbow—complete with a lyric that pretty much sums up their mission as a band: 'It's so fun to be so goddamn young.'" -Portland Mercury

Summer Blondes

"Given their name and hometown, it may not surprise you learn that Summer Blondes (who are dudes, maybe that's a surprise) make low-fi surf garage rock. That said, and lack of moniker originality aside, I like these guys. Alternating between laid back instrumentals and blown-out rockers (and some that most interestingly fall in between), there's more musicality going on here than you might expect. Also: their drummer is a manic powerhouse, and their singer/screamer appears to be a little nuts." -Brooklyn Vegan

"Your typical everyday post apocalyptic surf scum" -Eardrum NYC

Party Effects

"Party Effects does something artsy with beats" -SF Weekly

Boyz IV Men (DJ Set)

"Live electronic dance trio Boyz IV Men will rattle your bones til they're shut down" -SF Weekly

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