epicsauce.com presents: Silian Rail, By Sunlight, Ash Reiter and Devotionals + YACHT After Party!


We have another show for you at Milk (1840 Haight St) next Thursday (5/27) with Silian Rail, By Sunlight, Ash Reiter and Devotionals (feat Tyson from Two Gallants and Anton from Judgement Day). This one is a celebration of Silian Rail and By Sunlight's split 7", which comes out on Side With Us Records next week.

And stick around late night for the official YACHT Afterparty with YACHT & The Straight Gaze (DJ Set) + Jeffrey Jerusalem (Live).

Both parties are free with RSVP on facebook or below.

Silian Rail "The guitar and drum duo of Robin Landy and Eric Kuhn lie somewhere at the intersection of math-rock and post-rock -- think a toned down Hella, with a dash of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky thrown in the mix. Watching Robin shred on the guitar and Eric absolutely handle the drums is a truly awe-inspiring experience that will leave you wanting more." -epicsauce.com

"Silian Rail’s live performance is a demonstration of impressive instrumental work that you have to see to believe. The two piece relies on its members’ ability to multitask, utilizing extra limbs to simultaneously play guitar, drums and synth. Landy’s complex fretwork is an impeccable maze of melodic surprises, and when combined with crescendos from Kuhn, achieves a bigger sound than expected." -Stranger Dance

"And then there’s the indescribably delish, genre-smashing Silian Rail, friend to metalhead and post-rocker alike." -7x7 Magazine

Ash Reiter "San Francisco darling and specialist in the simple jazz sound that Leslie Feist has made a career out of. Her standard guitar chords blend to form adorable jazz pop songs. Reiter's set was sugar cane sweet." -Daytrotter

"Behind her vintage, lipstick-red National, she drives familiar yet distinct pop songs in a voice that, if anything, is stronger live than on her recordings. In her smoky blend of retro pop and modernism, sincerity and ironic detachment, her music brought to mind Sondre Lerche at several points. The tuneful nature of her compositions and the balance of wit and honesty in her voice are thoroughly winning." -The Bay Bridged

“Dizzying folk melodies, acoustic-symphonies, and voices tangled into harmonized quilts that lay on your shoulders after you leave.” -SF Station

By Sunlight "By Sunlight take the best parts of Stereolab and the Dismemberment Plan to create sprawling, intelligent prog-rock. The hooks shimmer and surge while the vocals pierce and deftly carry each song, creating a lovely and soothing mix." -Stranger Dance

"The band has this murky cloud-like feel that carries along very nicely and perfectly captures that late afternoon Seattle atmosphere. Drawing influences from Sunny Day Real Estate and Stereolab, By Sunlight creates intelligent rock that moves and mystifies" -Katarokkar

Devotionals "The Devotionals music is based around Tyson’s guitar compositions, with Anton Patzner (Judgment Day, Bright Eyes) invigorating the musical space with his violin mastery, and they are joined by various guests and collaborators. The result is a unique combination of simplicity and raw emotion that will delight new and old fans of Two Gallants, a kind of street music with nods to Rachmaninov and John Fahey." -Alive Records

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