epicsauce.com presents: Tempo No Tempo, Fake Drugs, Cosmonauts, Starfucker (DJ Set), oOoOO (DJ Set), Bye Bye Blackbird (DJ Set)


Our Thursday night party series at Milk (1840 Haight St) is back, and we could not be more excited for this week's lineup -- Tempo No Tempo (live), Fake Drugs (live - late night set), Cosmonauts (live), Starfucker (DJ Set), oOOoO (DJ Set) and Bye Bye Blackbird (DJ Set)! The show is free before 10:30 with RSVP on facebook or below, and $5 after.

See you this Thursday!

Tempo No Tempo (Live)
“Borrowing equally from dissonant, late-’90s DC punk and more contemporary takes on sprawling indie rock…tense rhythms and the pitter-patter of relaxed backbeats before resting permanently in tapestries of delayed guitar and crashing cymbals.” – XLR8R

"Combining tightly wound guitars, dubby melodic basslines, and crazy polyrhythms, Tempo No Tempo have been described as Reggaeton-punk or tribal New Wave. Regardless of genre, the band has grown into a sound that's harder to pinpoint, but undeniably immediate and restless." -RCRDLBL

Fake Drugs (Live - late night set)
"[Starfucker's] Shawn Glassford and Keil Corcoran have branched out and formed the duo Fake Drugs. Not straying far from the Starfucker sound, their self-titled debut is loaded with bouncy synth-pop and is a blast to listen to." -Portland Mercury

Cosmonauts (Live)
"The Southern California quartet makes gritty 60's inspired garage-rock with undeniable swagger." -epicsauce

Starfucker (DJ Set)
"The solo project turned full-blown quartet make the most infectious form of electro-pop, complete with sing-along hooks, jingle-worthy melodies and beats you can't help but dance to." -epicsauce

"Part indie dance-rock band, part 8-bit electro, Starfucker has a unique take on the tunes that make you shake what your mama gave you. Besides a challenging name and a reputation for fully cross dressing at live performances, the Portland four-piece has been pulling in enthusiastic press and gaining new fans daily. " -IODA

oOOoO (DJ Set)
"oOoOO, a San Francisco group with one of the most un-Googleable band names we've seen yet, released a couple of tracks on Bathetic's recent Dark as Night cassette comp (now sadly sold out), and "NoShore" is one of those selections. It's a darkly strummed, ghostly guitar-and-piano ballad with eerie pitched-down vocals; unsettling and beautiful, it sounds like a perfect contender for the next Coen brothers western" -Pitchfork

"oOoOO seem to be aesthetically kin to deathcrunk act SALEM, with a bit of a brighter sheen." Prefix Magazine

Bye Bye Blackbird (DJ Set)
"If we used tags this post would certainly carry the ones 'dreamy', 'woozy' and 'wonderful' in big capitals somewhere prominent as for the last little while we’ve been giving unstoppable sticky listens to the Arcade Sound Ltd endorsed Bye Bye Blackbird. ‘Happy High’ takes our cloud-bothering favourite words and wears them incredibly well with its twinkling galaxy of notes and shimmering out-of-body vocals that shadow the track with a gentle detached drift." -Transparent Records Blog

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