epicsauce.com presents: The Younger Lovers + Hornet Leg (PDX) + Orca Team (PDX) + Neighbors + DJ Primo Pitino at Milk (Wednesday, August 25th)


The Younger Lovers

"Part of the burgeoning new generation of Bay Area garage rockers that includes Nobunny and Hunx and his Punx, the Younger Lovers is yet another flagrant rock ‘n’ roll act to keep an eye on. They’re destined for great things judging by the sound of the band’s CD compilation, 'Newest Romantic L.P.' + 'The California Soul' E.P." -Examiner

"The stripped-down, insistent rock and roll of the Younger Lovers careens, buzzes, and leers with an energy unheard in decades. Led by Brontez Purnell, known for his performances with Gravy Train!!!! and his confessional 'zine Fag School, the Younger Lovers draw on the intoxicating legacy of The Replacements, Jonathan Richman, and The Gories, revitalizing the breathless spirit of adolescence" -New Museum

Hornet Leg (PDX)

"The group has tackled many genres over the course of six years: slinky electro, harsh noise, melancholy pop. But its latest disc, Ribbon of Fear, throws everything out the window in favor of a minimal punk-blues groove, and it results in one of the most refreshing and listenable Northwest releases of the year. " -Willamette Weekly

"From Olympia, Sutton is part of Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O., Spider and the Webs, Nudity, and now... Hornet Leg. He's been playing solo stuff as Hornet Leg for a few years, but now Hornet Leg is a full-fledged band, with multiple members. Ever the chameleon, with Hornet Leg Sutton is exploring stripped-down, minimalist, indie garage blues—if there is such a genre. If there wasn't, there is now."
-The Mercury

"I happened to see them twice in the last couple weeks, once when opening for Abe Vigoda in sf and another time for Mika Miko in Davis, and they were one of the best bands at each show." -ipickmynose

Orca Team (PDX)

"Orca Team is a post-punk band subtly blurring the lines between Buddy Holly-esque '50s pop and Avengers VI '60s surf rock, and translating it all into something like a Gang of Four homage to Blue Hawaii… [they] unapologetically deliver straightforward, catchy pop songs about love that tap into a hidden longing we all share: to be a simple, suburban teenager in the early '60s who dreams of dancing with Elvis at a picturesque beach party, and sharing a soda pop (two straws) with our sweetheart before locking hands at the drive-in." -Portland Mercury

"They’ve got an impressive handle on throwback pop, wringing new life from familiar formulas. Their music’s miraculously fresh and legitimately engaging" -The Stranger

"With its simple snare beats and low slung guitar rifts, Orca Team's Let It Go album sounds like a cheerfully lazy day at the beach, 1960s style. " -Weekly Volcano


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