epicsauce.com presents: Tussle, Boyz IV Men, Religious Girls and Kid Meets Cougar on June 24th at Milk


We are insanely excited to announce the next epicsauce.com party at Milk (1840 Haight St) with Tussle, Boyz IV Men, Religious Girls and Kid Meets Cougar. The show goes down Thursday, June 24th at Milk, and we will have $3 Trumer Pils/PBR/Tecate lined up for you all night long. Be sure to RSVP on facebook for $5 entry!


"Long a staple of the San Francisco music scene, Tussle pounds out dance-friendly krautrock and post-punk inspired instrumentals in the vein of early-80's pioneers (and occasional Tussle collaborators) Liquid Liquid, yet with a vibe similar to their synth-loving DFA-affiliated contemporaries. After relentlessly touring with the likes of Hot Chip, Ratatat and Yacht in support of 2007's oft overlooked gem Cream Cuts, the trio is back with a soon-to-be-released fourth full-length and their first string of shows of the year." -SFist

"[Tussle] would love nothing more than to be headlining Dancetaria in 1982, except maybe playing a festival in Munich in 1972. At their best, they create deep-in-the-pocket grooves that penetrate with catchy basslines and terrific drumming, all captured with beautiful fidelity" -Pitchfork

"In a loud, dense set, they sifted through heavy-rhythm music with roots in the 1970s and early ’80s. Locking together and pulling apart, they variously clamped right on top of the beat, got way behind it or positioned themselves in the middle, with high-hat patterns pumping." -New York Times

"Tussle push through the boundaries of every category they might be lumped into." -URB Magazine

Boyz IV Men
"Armed with a microkorg, a handful of Casio SK5s and a minimalist drum kit, the trio pounds out infectious beats and grooves that few can resist the urge to dance to. This is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and downright fun live bands in the city -- we expect big things from the band as they prep for their long awaited debut LP, due out later this year." -epicsauce.com

"Live electronic dance trio Boyz IV Men will rattle your bones til they're shut down" -SF Weekly

Religious Girls
"These East Bay boys pound out a joyous combo of tribal and live electronics with techno loops. In the spirit of Animal Collective, Religious Girls add a drum-heavy, jam-band angle to indie’s latest fad of computer rock." -7x7

"The band wowed me for its entire set of spiritual chants, tribal drumming and ecstatic synthesizers." -Impose

Kid Meets Cougar

“One of Las Vegas’s 2009 breakouts fast-tracked a full-length just as its word-of-mouth factor spiked. The band had been known for its energetic live shows, where duo Brett Bolton and Courtney Carroll were instrumentally multitasking to the point of exhausting even their audience. That experience has now been formatted for your headphones with For Breakfast, which hones in on the duo’s particular brand of tuneful, loop-friendly electro-pop." -Vegas City Life

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