epicsauce.com weekend: Reporter/Phantom Kicks/Spesus Christ/Skeletal System at El Rio Saturday + Weed Diamond/Signals/Dash Jacket/Tan Dollar at Milk Sunday!


We have a huge weekend lined up for you with back-to-back epicsauce.com presents shows!

First up is a Saturday (7/10) BBQ on the El Rio Patio with Reporter, Phantom Kicks, Spesus Christ and Skeletal System + DJ sets by Boyz IV Men and myself. $6 gets you inside + food. Some more information can be found over at facebook.

Next up is a free (with RSVP) show on Sunday (7/11) with Weed Diamond, Signals (ex Mae Shi), Tan Dollar and Dash Jacket. No promises, but whispers of cheap tacos. More info on that party can also be found over on facebook.

So to summarize, $6 this weekend gets you 8 bands + BBQ; potential tacos for a couple bucks more. Not a bad deal.

Big thanks to our friends at Katarokkar who we are teaming up with to bring you Saturday's party and EOTB who are co-presenting Sunday's show. See you all this weekend!


REPORTER - http://www.myspace.com/reporterband
"With speedy, sweaty drumbeats, power chords and frontwoman Alberta Poon’s sirenlike croon channeled through a vocoder, the reinvented Reporter sounds like the lovechild of Metric and the Walkmen." - Willamette Week

PHANTOM KICKS -http://www.myspace.com/phantomkicks
"At its core, the music is powered by an arsenal of beats, waves and cloud-soft atmospherics. Against that light lo-fi background, every song sounds dense and interesting. But it’s their skill with experimentation into solidly structured and appealing tunes that makes the Phantom Kicks special." - Kata Rokkar

SPESUS CHRIST -http://www.myspace.com/spesuschrist
"It’s emotional, anxious, frantic, dense, spirited, and unpredictable. Cameron’s voice and lyrics are unusual, but captivating and delivered with the sincerity of a confession." -Disco Workout

SKELETAL SYSTEM -http://www.myspace.com/totallyskeletal
"Skeletal System’s self-titled EP is a delicate mixture of Cold Wave delights but the second track, Dialogue, is the one that manages to marry the worlds of Cold Wave and that low key 2-step that seems poised, finally, in 2010, to engulf us all." -20jazzfunkgreats

BOYZ IV MEN (DJ Set) - http://www.myspace.com/boyz4m
"Armed with a microkorg, a handful of Casio SK5s and a minimalist drum kit, the trio pounds out infectious beats and grooves that few can resist the urge to dance to. This is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and downright fun live bands in the city -- we expect big things from the band as they prep for their long awaited debut LP, due out later this year." -epicsauce.com


Weed Diamond - http://www.myspace.com/weeddiamond

"No-one tip toes the fine line around the crash of delicate dreamy hooks into bedroom bloomed amp distortion like Denver’s green fingered and heavy handed Weed Diamond. Dug up and buried beneath layers of morphine drip reverb are their still shiny jams – resonating warmly like an ode to the imperfect noise hit. The tracks on his myspace are a raft of torched-out but beautiful demos..." - Transparent Blog

"Beneath billowing plumes of exhalation, one finds the same falsetto-laced psychedelic paths tread by the likes of Woods, nostalgic Doo-wop twangs that could've been snatched straight from The Sandlot and of course all that gritty fuzz errbody's ears must be accustomed to by now." -Friendship Bracelet

Mint In My Mouth (mp3) - http://cl.ly/1Zrz


Tan Dollar - http://www.myspace.com/tandollar

"[Your Body As A Temple] is dueling keyboards blaring pop bliss, while a propulsive drumkit accelerates the lucid drift to the unplumbed expanses. Each song obtains its maximum trajectory in beatitude. 'Tan Dollar' pounds along with a metronomic piano stanza, building the tension until that stanza bursts into a rapid fire pulsation and the drums... oh, the drums. Chris Balingit is an absolute menace on the kit." -Impose Magazine

"If Braids covered some Matt n Kim tracks, you could be around the spot where their sound lies." - Super Ace

Asleep Forever (mp3) - http://cl.ly/1ZsP


Dash Jacket - http://www.myspace.com/hatepophatepop

"Orange Beach, Calif., duo Dash Jacket create a noisy lo-fi racket and "Coastal Sang" is a catchy burst of static-y surf rock, with a simple three-chord riff and some nice wordless harmonies that the reverbed guitar and drums wash over like the California tide." -Pitchfork

"West Coast slacker jams that could could accurately be compared Wavves with the exception that their songs don’t include goths or demons. However, there is something in their two-part harmonies that make these tunes stand out. If it weren’t a douche move, I’d post up every song they’ve sent because all of them are killer jams." -Weekly Tape Deck

Melting Gaze (mp3) - http://cl.ly/1a5e

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