Monday night! Sister Crayon + Truckasaurus + Kites Sail High + epicsauce DJs at Milk


Sister Crayon

Sister Crayon::Souls of Gold
Sister Crayon::In Reverse

"The band makes gorgeous, ghostly tunes that blur the line between lo-fi electronics (drum machines, synths) and rich analog atmospherics (organ tones, human voice)." -LA Weekly

"I just stood transfixed for 35 minutes while recent Manimal signees sister crayon played" -Disco Workout

"Meshes ethereal vibes and psych-like, swirling instrumentation, creating weirdo anthems that back up the intense vocal range of lead vocalist Terra Lopez. They name-check Jeff Buckley and sound so immense in your speakers with a Wall of Sound of just intense stuff, it's pretty much going to either make you not care about them instantly or be straight-up blown away, just like Nico was. So, yeah, polarizing and interesting. Just the way we like our indie rock." -Culture of Me


Truckasauras::Super Copter

"While 'instrumental hip-hop' often brings to mind Dilla heads or the bugged-out experimentalism of the Brainfeeder scene, Truckasauras have always put themselves forth unironically as 'crank.' It’s not the most accurate description, but they do share a sort of kinship with more slithery but no less hedonistic Atlanta sounds, as tracks like 'Dom P on Your Backneck' and 'Show These People Who’s Springstein (Yes We Can)' boast enough 808 and B-A-S-S bass to soundtrack a night cruise to Magic City." -Pitchfork

"The Seattle group’s new material moves beyond the novelty of combining an 808’s thumps, the Nintendo Game Boy’s 8-bit sequencing, and an analog gear fetish, to reveal more nuanced musical ideas. They may bear the trappings of gimmickry (American flag capes, Nintendo cartridges as bling, homoerotic Wrestlemania footage), but the headbobbing music is serious business." -Urb Next 100

"Local crew Truckasauras’s 2008 debut, Tea Parties, Guns and Valor, was a melodically rich collection of head-nodding analog electro. Quarters gives that formula extra life in the form of poppier tunes and more upbeat tempos, and with the added firepower of a Korg MS-20 synthesizer ... It’s everything good about their debut made better, like when the sequel to your fave video game comes out on the next generation platform." -The Stranger

Kites Sail High

Kites Sail High::Always
Kites Sail High::And Then What

"...crosses some imaginary line in the sand between a Jay Dilla beat tape and an entire generation of dudes who collect guitar pedals like they were baseball cards." -The Fader

"Kites Sail High captured our flightless hearts ever since we gazed them floating across the bright skies over at Don't Die Wondering. A multitude of spins later and we're completely enthralled with the reckless rushes and stuttered beats strewn across 'Alone', the six track sampler thrown up on their MySpace"
-The Mix Tape

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