Tonight! presents: Maus Haus + Skeletal System + Psychic Handbook + Rangers at Milk


Maus Haus

"The band's synth heavy blend of 60s psychedelia and contemporary electropop is shockingly tight and orchestrated, a refreshing departure from the current stream of laptop produced electro we love to hype. And while the music geek i...n us is thrilled by the acts use of horns, vintage keyboards, midi controllers and occasional dueling drum kits, the band still manages to please our internal hipster -- their shows are always all out dance parties." -SFist

"Hailing from the Bay Area, Maus Haus combine a paranoid insomniac vibe with playful pop lines and cleverly cinematic lyrics that make them out to be the bastard child of Kraftwerk hanging with Captain Beefheart that would obviously have a video starring Simon Le Bon and the boys. That is an admittedly nutso sentence, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what Maus Haus is - other than totally rad." -RCRDLBL

"This is pop bent through the surreal lens of krautrock and cosmic psych. " -SF Weekly

Skeletal System

"Skeletal System’s self-titled EP is a delicate mixture of Cold Wave delights but the second track, Dialogue, is the one that manages to marry the worlds of Cold Wave and that low key 2-step that seems poised, finally, in 2010, to engulf us all." -20jazzfunkgreats

"Slow but rich, muted but textured, dark but dreamy electro with hints of New Order and Galaxie 500. Dig it." -yvynyl

Psychic Handbook

"…Fuck Buttons-on-cough-syrup…" -Pitchfork


"…fans of Ariel Pink, ’70s educational filmstrips, and the current crew of ‘hypnagogic pop’/chillfiwavedreambeatcore bands will surely dig his hazy, dream-like nostalgia (real, not borrowed, I think). Good stuff." -Gorrila Vs. Bear

"Over at his MySpace, Joe Knight, aka San Francisco’s Rangers, refers to his sound as “elevator psych.” Clever, but not entirely accurate in this case. Rangers has a melancholic Twisted Village vibe to it, e.g. something more emotional than you’d expect in an elevator." -Sterogum

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