Tonight! presents Millionyoung + Teen Daze + The Great Mundane + epicsauce DJs


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"If chillwave is a seasonal genre, living in South Florida gives Mike Diaz a leg up on the competition. With the temperature rarely dipping below 60 degrees, this Sunshine State resident, who records under the guise of MillionYoung, can credibly pump out beachy fare all year round... Diaz uses the movement's familiar elements-- the gauzy synth lines and faraway vocals-- but ratchets up the BPM to underscore a more hedonistic mindset. In other words, it's exactly what chillwave produced a stone's throw from South Beach ought to sound like-- a reminder that while most of these artists can only dream of an endless summer, Diaz is living it." -Pitchfork

"Still coming on hot and heavy, Diaz’s latest jam drifts along dizzily in the same balaeric/ballistic fashion as much of his brilliant, sweltering Sunndreamm EP from last year but is a little more straight-shooting in its dancefloor wrecking" -Transparent Blog

"Reminding me of Grandaddy, Tough Alliance, and a little Lo-Fi-Fnk this makes me want to bring the friends over for a game of Ouija and wine. Romantic, Natural, and Heartwarming MillionYoung is sure to make a few indie kids get in the mood for a picnic at the Grand Canyon." -Big Stereo

Teen Daze
"Teen Daze is all the altered rage these days, capturing chillwave hearts while helping to legitimize the blog landscape" -Impose

"The entire album exudes this warmth, making it an ideal collection of songs for today and the rest of the summer. With a delicate mixture of hazy synthetic effects and more traditional instruments, Four More Years is a debut that proves Teen Daze's ear for balance and positions him as an artist whose creations leave you wanting to hear more and more." -Altered Zones

"But unlike a lot of these bedroom blurmongers, Teen Daze seems in total control; his synths bleed into more brilliant colors, his languid pace more purposeful, his memory bank FDIC-insured, his vagueness earned by the quality of his output...Daze's tone palette appears about as rich as anybody's working in the genre. For as much slack memoryfuzz as he conjures, Teen Daze has an eye on the dancefloor, and quite a few of these tracks sound a bit like Erasure numbers left to melt in the sun." -Pitchfork

The Great Mundane
He invents fractured, heady instrumentals laced with lush synthesizer work that navigate the terrain of forward thinking hip-hop and electro/house, all while exhibiting genuine emotion and talented production skills. Each arrangement is collaged with friends, found sounds, synthesizers, and samples meticulously programmed to convey what it might feel like to fall in love with a tree, travel through a wormhole, or to never be bored again. -Autonomous Music

"Producing classy, pretty little bass-bin busters that had me cool for a long internet minute; balancing the rough post-dilla tetris brick beats with some truly awful buzzing in the basement" -Runriot Records

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