Tonight! presents: Teen Daze + Gobble Gobble + Blackbird Blackbird + Kites Sail High + Fiveng


Teen Daze

"Teen Daze is all the altered rage these days, capturing chillwave hearts while helping to legitimize the blog landscape" -Impose

"The entire album exudes this warmth, making it an ideal collection of songs for today and the rest of the summer. With a delicate mixture of hazy synthetic effects and more traditional instruments, Four More Years is a debut that proves Teen Daze's ear for balance and positions him as an artist whose creations leave you wanting to hear more and more." -Altered Zones

Gobble Gobble

"Gobble Gobble is solo party-rocker, Cecil Frena, whom I presume was bored by everything that’s ever been offered in the indie pop and electronic genres, so he stole his roommate’s Adderall, swallowed the whole bottle and locked himself in his bedroom to make music that is a rushing avalanche of everything indie pop and electronic; layered, looped and played at once. Frena’s recent collection of singles sounds like Pictureplane with more focus and less irony, Deastro with pop hooks, Datarock if they were actually good, or simply, every one of your favorite video games from your youth sped up, spliced and assembled into melodic technicolor seizures. What might sound in writing like the makings of an utter mess, arrives a pleasurable onslaught, chaos on a leash controlled by its neon maestro."
-Cream Team

"It sorta makes me think of a 32-bit Dismemberment Plan being quartered (not obnoxiously) by Dan Deacon. " -Stereogum

Blackbird Blackbird

"If we used tags this post would certainly carry the ones 'dreamy', 'woozy' and 'wonderful' in big capitals somewhere prominent as for the last little while we’ve been giving unstoppable sticky listens to the Arcade Sound Ltd endorsed Bye Bye Blackbird. ‘Happy High’ takes our cloud-bothering favourite words and wears them incredibly well with its twinkling galaxy of notes and shimmering out-of-body vocals that shadow the track with a gentle detached drift." -Transparent Records Blog

"I could spend hours talking about Kiss Kiss Fantastic and Blackbird Blackbird but a ♥ coming from the ♥ is enough" -Delicious Scopitone

"Summer Heart is an amazingly solid collection of laid-back, twinkling beat-induced rhythms and shimmering melodies." -Musical Pairings

"Blackbird Blackbird is going to be huge. I say that unequivocally and without hesitation." -ListenBeforeYouBuy

Kites Sail High

"...crosses some imaginary line in the sand between a Jay Dilla beat tape and an entire generation of dudes who collect guitar pedals like they were baseball cards." -The Fader

"Kites Sail High captured our flightless hearts ever since we gazed them floating across the bright skies over at Don't Die Wondering. A multitude of spins later and we're completely enthralled with the reckless rushes and stuttered beats strewn across 'Alone', the six track sampler thrown up on their MySpace"
-The Mix Tape


It's thrilling to know there are still undiscovered talents like Ng out there, tapping that zeitgeist of wooziness in their own refreshing ways. The fact that "Jonah" uses nature samples, exotica percussion, heavily reverbed guitars, streaky synths, and Panda Bear-style harmonies shouldn't come as much of a shock. That the arrangement is so accomplished, though-- the song so melodic and well-constructed-- makes Fiveng one of those rare pleasant surprises" -Pitchfork

" The solo bedroom pop project of Nicholas Ng carries that oh-so-familiar sound of just a dude and his laptop, but there’s something comfortably surrounding underlying here that draws me in." -Weekly Tape Deck

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