Tonight! French Miami + Copy (PDX) + Guidance Counselor (PDX) + Religious Girls at Milk


French Miami

"French Miami manage to combine the anthemic, sweaty-basement-party spirit of Japanther with the speed and prowess of a math rock band (think finger tapping) and the harmonized guitars of the Fucking Champs." -SF Bay Guardian

“Having the traditional two arms doesn’t restrict French Miami from showing off by pounding their heaving math-rock intricacy through two instruments at once. Each. Inevitably, the local musos cream themselves at such a sight, but this trio have the ability to get you throwing plenty of irregular shapes on the dancefloor too.” –NME

“Their electric kool-aid post-punk is stilted by Telecasters winding up the same kind of prickly riffs that bands like Battles and Fiasco usually turn into proggy freak outs, but instead of going all aggro, French Miami end up sounding like a Guy Picciotto band that wouldn’t need SPF1000 at the beach.” -RCRD LBL


"Think Ratatat minus the brash, cock-rock affectations and you’ll have an idea of how Portland artist Marius Libman, better known as Copy, sounds. Hip-hop DNA is strewn throughout the bass lines and twitchy beats of this catchy electrohouse." - Urb Magazine

"Like Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom teaming up with Timbaland, Copy creates soundscapes that could find a home at a new-age gathering as well as the club. It's 8-bit, dance-worthy, and highly recommended." - XLR8R

"Copy's Hard Dream LP sounds like several three-dimensional astral planes intersecting in a cube, its faces reflecting visions of rapture across the gardens of 20 Jazz Funk Greats." -20 Jazz Funk Greats

Religious Girls

"These East Bay boys pound out a joyous combo of tribal and live electronics with techno loops. In the spirit of Animal Collective, Religious Girls add a drum-heavy, jam-band angle to indie’s latest fad of computer rock." -7x7

"These guys are a must-see." -The Bay Bridged

"We feel its important to note that we saw Religious Girls perform its communal shout and chant over the melancholy melodica of organs and synths before we heard Merriweather Post Pavilion. Dismiss your thoughts of "great, more kids high on MPP." These guys were probably high on Sung Tungs, so give credit where it's due. We will be the first to say, on record, that we prefer RG to AC, live at least. A Religious Girls live show is going to be intimate with the opportunity to shout out your demons and woes right next to the band members. Just dress in something dingy because these dudes play the drums with day-glo paint--it gets messy." -Impose

"make sure to catch them live if ever you get the chance. It’s a mind-shatteringly good time." -Ears of the Beholder

Guidance Counselor

"Guidance Counselor simply bursts with shameless energy … Loud and soul-quiveringly rhythmic, Guidance Counselor is a raw, wild riot–irresistibly dance-y and at times electro-punk, especially live where Ian always brings his bouncing moxie, often writhing on the floor."" -Oregon Music News

"The music is energetic and light, perfect for your summer by the pool, or throw the record on at your next party and get everybody moving around." -Trials + Tribulation

"Guidance Counselor work with the same elements as other local dance pop bands like Starfucker or Deelay Ceelay, but Anderson’s music is dirtier, coated in noise and grim and life in the 21st century. The synths still glow, but the colors are muted. " -Willamette Weekly

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