06.05 (Fri)
Holy Fuck, Crocodiles @ Bottom of the Hill

Holy Fuck and Crocodiles are at Bottom of the Hill.. and again, this is where I recommend you head. Holy Fuck does electronic music legit-live (i.e no loops, no comps.. live drums/live bass/live synth/bunch of sweet gadgets), in a totally approachable/enjoyable manner. More electronica and less gurpy than epicsauce favorites Tussle… way less cheesy than say STS9. Bottom of the Hill should be perfect for this.

And if you can, get there early for Crocodiles (ex-Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, who rule). No Age gave them some understood praise a while back, and they blew up on the tubes for a bit. Their album is a bit disjointed, but definitely worth a listen.. With Holy Fuck headlining, it really should be quite a night.