06.14 (Sun)
Tussle, Hot Tub, (+more) @ Haight Street Fair

No excuses… go see the epicsauce favorite Tussle at the Haight Street Fair (FREE). Myspace says they go on the “Masonic Stage” at 3:30.

SF’s Tussle is everything that is fucking awesome about early 80s post-punk, yet with a foot firmly set in the more contemporary DFA-esque scene. Dancey ass shit, but think more solid rhythmic grooves than face-melting bangers.

And while an outdoor stage at 3:30 is probably not the optimal venue to see them (i.e. not a dark low ceilinged room where the trio rocks out on the same level as the crowd), it should still be a solid affair.

Still trying to lock down more info on the lineup.. looks like Hot Tub will be there as well. Check back for more info as the week progresses.

Warning: If it is anything like two years ago, this seems to be the only truly enforced alcohol ban in the city. Hide your shit.