07.02 (Thu)
Mi Ami, Double Dagger @ the Knockout

This one is not to be missed. As we previously noted, Baltimore’s Double Dagger throw down raw, minimalist post-punk with clear hardcore roots. The trio is known for their explosive yet fun-loving live sets, so be sure to catch them before they indefinitely leave the Bay Area.

And while we are extremely stoked for Double Dagger, the main draw for us is San Francisco’s own Mi Ami. Featuring members of Dischord’s woefully underrated defunct dance-punk act Black Eyes, Mi Ami blends the dance heavy early 80s post-punk flavor of Liquid Liquid / ESG with the tribal influenced art-rock of their contemporary peers Gang Gang Dance. While no doubt leaning towards the experimental and at times noisy end of the spectrum, we think the sound is as accessible and downright enjoyable as that of early !!! or epicsauce favorites Tussle – roll strong, and make this the dance party it should be.