06.27 (Sat)
Cursive, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Box Elders @ Great American Music Hall

We first caught Cursive during their 2001 Domestica tour, and were fucking impressed. At the time, these dudes would have been just at home on MacKaye’s Dischord as they were on Oberst’s Saddle Creek… and honestly, The Ugly Organ and everything before just gets better with time.  And while the two most recent albums are decent, the dudes seemed to have traded in their inner-Fugaziness for… something.

Maybe we are still just bitter about the lackluster 2008 Noise Pop appearance where they explained they would “play some new stuff” in lieu of the old (sigh), but not sure that this is a must see show for non-fans. That said, they have are pretty epic arsenal of material to pull from, so there are sure to be some highlights. Either way, do yourself a favor and grab Domestica – cannot stress how fucking great that album is.