06.26 (Fri)
Lazer Sword @ Rickshaw Stop

Dare we risk the cliché, but SF’s Lazer Sword is some next-level shit -- we keep hyping these guys for a reason. Armed with multiple Macbooks, a kaos pad and an assortment of midi controllers Lazer Sword drops the fucking rawest of beats over a steady stream of solid acapella bangers.

Believe us – hearing a vocodered Missy Elliott synced to homegrown Flying Lotus-esque beats is as “OH SHIT!” inducing as the first time you saw Girl Talk. This is some shit you need to catch… dudes really know how to perform – the set is legit-live, improvised to meet the tone of the crowd.

And check this! Our friends at Blowup have been nice enough to hook up a couple lucky epicsauce readers with tickets to the show… enter here!

Oh, and if you have not already, be sure to download their excellent 2008 mix "Blap to the Future."