06.24 (Wed)
Battlehooch, Deastro, Tempo No Tempo @ Bottom of the Hill

Real excited for SF’s Battlehooch at Bottom of the Hill – it is their record release party, so they are sure to throw down an extra solid set.

On one end, this is music for music geeks, by music geeks… a bit reminiscent of that mid-60s “lets take acid and evolve from awesome straightforward pop rock to mind-blowingly epic experimental pop rock” era. Yet the sextet still knows what it takes to keep the indie/hipster/warehouse kids happy – the dudes are multi-instrumentalist and even wear headbands!

Seriously though, these dudes opt-out of the Mars Volta prog ego mentality and choose to play shit that is fun, dancey and extremely approachable. Shit is sure to be hot.

And be sure to get there early… Ghostly International’s Deastro and SF’s Tempo no Tempo are both extremely solid. This is a rare no-filler night, so be sure to get there early.