06.11 (Thu)
The Constantines, Crystal Antlers, I Was a King @ Rickshaw Stop

Rickshaw Stop has a solid night with Constantines and the excellent Crystal Antlers.

Seems like Crystal Antlers went from the poster child to the whipping boy of the alt-bro community between their EP and full length. Seriously, someone wrote this shit:

“It’s a frustrating representation of what a tightrope their sort of exorcism music is: ‘Parting Song For The Torn Sky’ seemed a cataclysm a year ago, subverting its own sadness into triumph, guitars shattering while Johnny Bell stood atop their smoldering debris manifesting his heavily-filtered guts; ‘Memorized,’ despite the same car wreck dynamics and inaudible shrieks, sounds almost like a capitulating whine in comparison.” (1)

...yeaah okaaaaaay

Truth be told, these dudes just rock. It is garage meets psych meets noise… very approachable, very listenable. The buzz is that the live show is hot, so would recommend making this if you can.