07.17 (Fri)
Men (ex-Le Tigre), Tussle, Young Lovers @ Bottom of the Hill

Featuring two-thirds of the dormant Le Tigre, Men makes dance-heavy electropop in a similar vein to Le Tigre inspired acts CSS and New Young Pony Club.

While there has yet to be a proper release, the demos that are floating around are jaw-droppingly catchy – we have had Credit Card Babie$ and Make it Reverse on repeat for a few weeks now. Will be curious to see how the politically leaning band responds to requests from Scion. Yet to see reports on how the act translates live, but have high hopes.

And while we cannot hype epicsauce favorites Tussle more than we already have (previous coverage here and here), we are stoked to catch them on this dance-friendly bill. Again, this band is not to be missed.

The Young Lovers open.