07.19 (Sun)
Judgement Day, Triclops!, The Definite Articles @ Bottom of the Hill

As we touched on a few weeks back, the proggy punk/stoner rock sound of SF's Triclops! has made them all the rage with Jello Biafra and the geek crowd. The accolades have helped them land on a number of insane bills over the years, so it comes as a bit of surprise to see them in the non-headlining slot at Bottom of the Hill.

In our opinion, the quartet is at their best when they dip into (gasp) Mars Volta territory, but their punk roots help them deliver the sound in a refreshingly unpretentious manner. The band is definitively Bay Area, and well worth a listen.

Oakland's self-proclaimed "string metal" trio Judgement Day headline the night... dudes no doubt shred and are said to be wildly entertaining live, but the whole thing may be a bit too Berklee for our liking. Check out a full profile of the band at The Bay Bridged, and decide for yourself.