07.24 (Fri)
Afghan Raiders, Dances With White Girls @ Rickshaw Stop

Real excited to finally catch Las Vegas' hidden gem Afghan Raiders. While the duo has a few deservedly blog-hyped remixes under their belt (check their excellent take on The Faint's Mirror Error), it's their original work that we are most excited about -- Solid Gold and Admiral's Doorbell simply bang, and we cannot wait to see both laid down live.

The style is a bit reminiscent of Germany's excellent Digitalism, but the songwriting here feels more like that of a fully realized band than a bloghouse clone.

Admiral's Doorbell

Mirror Error (The Faint remix)

Solid Gold

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Self described "thug-house" producer Dances With White Girls headline the night... not blown away here, but should be solid at the always dancey Blowup.