Weekly Wooot -- Clues, Holy Fuck, Juan Maclean and more

Pretty huge week of music, although a bit loaded Thurs-Sat. Our money is on the Holy Fuck/Crocodiles show Friday being the must see of the week, and have high hopes for Clues on Thursday and Juan Maclean/The Field Saturday. (photo by: Sound Proof Magazine)

06.03 (Wed)

Yoni Wolf (Why?- DJ Set), Bagel Ted, Band of Skulls, Apteka @ Harlot

SonicLiving and Owl Magazine have their monthly Rumble party at Harlot – Free with RSVP.

Yoni Wolf from Why? will be DJing alongside Bagel Ted.. the Band of Skulls and Apteka will be doing live sets. If you have nothing else going on, I would recommend getting there for the misleadingly named Band of Skulls.

It straddles that fine line between really fucking catchy and really fucking annoying… I predict a 6.3 in pitchfork and a spot in Bacardi commercial come 2010.

Little Joy @ The Independent

*The Independent has quasi-super group Little Joy (Strokes/Los Hermanos). Real pretty/listenable music, but I kinda wonder if live I would get that urge to throw a shoe at them a la Vampire Weekend at Amoeba (I held back..).

06.04 (Thu)

CLUES (ex-Unicorns, Arcade Fire), Geographer, Birds and Batteries @ Rickshaw Stop

Real excited for Clues at the Rickshaw Stop. Their self titled debut is kinda the shit (at times), and I could see them really solidifying as they find their sound. Clues is ex-Unicorns/ex-Arcade Fire, and the influence is definitely clear. Word is they bust out two drummers and a Commodore 64 throughout the live show.

Check them out
(Dudes don’t even have a real MYSPACE!!)

Show is $12.. if you have nothing else to do, check it out.

06.05 (Fri)

The Submarines, Bodies of Water, AB and the Sea @ The Independent

The Independent has indie pop husband and wife duo (I think.. Tough Love please confirm) The Submarines, who kind of killed it during Noise Pop. They are best known for their 10 second instrumental loop during the iPhone 3G commercials.. which is a shame, because the vocals are legit. They remind me a bit of Imperial Teen, but according to google this is not something others think.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien @ Fillmore

The Fillmore has Del… made that mistake enough times in high school and college to know he is miss and rarely hit live. Sorry 17-year-old-self, but I will be at Holy Fuck.

Holy Fuck, Crocodiles @ Bottom of the Hill

Holy Fuck and Crocodiles are at Bottom of the Hill.. and again, this is where I recommend you head. Holy Fuck does electronic music legit-live (i.e no loops, no comps.. live drums/live bass/live synth/bunch of sweet gadgets), in a totally approachable/enjoyable manner. More electronica and less gurpy than epicsauce favorites Tussle… way less cheesy than say STS9. Bottom of the Hill should be perfect for this.

And if you can, get there early for Crocodiles (ex-Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, who rule). No Age gave them some understood praise a while back, and they blew up on the tubes for a bit. Their album is a bit disjointed, but definitely worth a listen.. With Holy Fuck headlining, it really should be quite a night.

Peaches, Drums of Death @ The Grand at the Regency Center
Flying Lotus @ Blank Club
Steve Aoki, Party Ben, The Tenderlions @ Rickshaw Stop

06.06 (Sat)

The Field, The Juan Maclean @ Mezzanine

Mezzanine has a potentially epic show with The Field and The Juan Maclean. If you like LCD Soundsystem and the other DFA leaning bands, this is definitely for you. Both are really solid acts.. Should be a sick little dance fest.

Girls, So Cow, Nodzzz @ Hemlock Tavern

Hemlock has San Francisco blog buzzed Girls. Dig these guys, and look forward to seeing them on a less hectic night.

So Cow and Nodzzz roundout the bill.

BFD @ Shoreline

Consider making that once-a-decade trip to the South Bay for Live 105’s BFD @ Shoreline.

One way to look at it: Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wallpaper, Crystal Castles, Mike Realm, Steve Aoki, Glasvegas, Paparazzi and Villians, making for a sweet little festival.

Another: A lot of shitty bands and 14 year olds.

Toss up, but we will be checking it out.

La Plebe @ El Rio

Another epicsauce favorite, La Plebe will be headlining a pretty raw punk show at El Rio. If you like Spanish language punk + horns, you will love them. Seriously though.. these guys never disappoint.

Von Iva, Gliss, Sick Of Sarah @ Slims

06.07 (Sun)

Sebastien Grainger @ 1097 Gallery (Oakland)

Details are slim, but Sebastian Grainger -- the black sheep of DFA1979 – will be at the 1097 Gallery in Oakland. His show at Rickshaw Stop a couple months back was actually a pleasant surprise, so if you are up for it, could be worth a Sunday trek to the East Bay.

Update: Show was canceled last minute! Bum out.

LSD and The Search For God, Hopewell, Birds Fled From Me @ Hemlock Tavern

LSD and The Search For God are at Hemlock. If you like the more listenable end of MBV, these guys are definitely worth a listen. Hemlock is always solid, so if you are looking for something to do be sure to check it out.

06.08 (Mon)

Camera Obscura, Agent Ribbons @ The Fillmore
Patrick Wolf, Living Things, Plastiscines, Jaguar Love @ Slims
Handsome Furs @ Great American Music Hall

06.09 (Tue)

Boy Eats Drum Machine @ Thee Parkside
Kevin Seconds, Feels Like Fire, Tater Famine, Pearl Starbird @ Bottom of the Hill

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