Weekly Wooot -- Crystal Antlers, Wallpaper, Tussle and more

crystal-antlers_0.jpgHot week in music, with some excellent local epicsauce favorites and more.

Shit gets started tonight with French Miami at Rickshaw Stop -- for $8 the funemployed have no excuses.

Crystal Antlers are sure to slay it on Thursday, and Friday is just an unbelievable plethora of options... Our vote is for Wallpaper's appearance at Blow Up, but the Datarock/Woodhands and Telepathe/Hawney Troof shows are both solid calls.

Saturday is also stacked with a Club 6 basement gurp fest featuring Lazer Sword/Ghosts on Tape/Sleepyhead, along with some more rockin' options.

Sunday we got the must-see Tussle rocking out for FREE at the Haight Street Fair followed by a great local-heavy party at Thee Parkside.

If you still have it in you, be sure to check out locally hyped Casy and Brian $3 show Monday. And for the fanboys, Gene Ween announced a second show at the Independent for Tuesday, and it looks like tickets are still to be had.

06.10 (Wed)

French Miami, By Sunlight, Silian Rail @ Rickshaw Stop

For $8, French Miami @ Rickshaw Stop is the move. They have a dancey post-punk style that could work at a house party, but blend it with a big rock sound that I could see translating real well to stage.  Think more Fucking Champs than Liars, but still something you can get sweaty jumping and moving too.  They also throw in some harmonizing anthems, which we all know is the shit. Have not seen them live, but word is they kill it… pretty high hopes for this one.

*Confirmed -- they blew us away.

Secret Chiefs, Kayo Dot @ Great American

Secret Chiefs (ex- Mr. Bungle) are at Great American Music Hall…. meh. 

Full Disclosure: I listened to nothing but Patton projects for a good chunk of my early teens, and always blamed the SC3 faction for the breakup. Probably a big part of the reason I never really got into them… That said, their sound is huge and skill level pretty stunning. If it is your thing, the live show will no doubt be great (these dudes put out LIVE dvds!).  If you don’t know them, Wikipedia it first… the range in their discography is too massive to gleam from myspace.

The Lemonheads @ Slims

06.11 (Thu)

Love Is All, Farewell Typewriter, Still Flyin @ Bottom of the Hill

Sweden's Love is All is at Bottom of the Hill... the Yeah Yeah Yeah's comparison gets thrown around a lot with these guys, but they definitely have their own sound. Well worth a listen -- could be a fun show

The Constantines, Crystal Antlers, I Was a King @ Rickshaw Stop

Rickshaw Stop has a solid night with Constantines and the excellent Crystal Antlers.

Seems like Crystal Antlers went from the poster child to the whipping boy of the alt-bro community between their EP and full length. Seriously, someone wrote this shit:

“It’s a frustrating representation of what a tightrope their sort of exorcism music is: ‘Parting Song For The Torn Sky’ seemed a cataclysm a year ago, subverting its own sadness into triumph, guitars shattering while Johnny Bell stood atop their smoldering debris manifesting his heavily-filtered guts; ‘Memorized,’ despite the same car wreck dynamics and inaudible shrieks, sounds almost like a capitulating whine in comparison.” (1)

...yeaah okaaaaaay

Truth be told, these dudes just rock. It is garage meets psych meets noise… very approachable, very listenable. The buzz is that the live show is hot, so would recommend making this if you can.

Limp Wrist, Hunx And His Punx, Brilliant Colors @ Eagle Tavern

Eagle Tavern has the first of a few solid summer Thursday Nite Live shows with Queercore legends Limp Wrist. This is raw hardcore, and could be pretty sweet.

06.12 (Fri)

DATAROCK, Woodhands @ The Independent

The Independent has the always entertaining Datarock.

Really a shame Wallpaper is not sharing the bill with these guys (which they do Saturday night in LA)… SF fans are forced to choose between two different tongue-in-cheek electro hipster dance parties in one night. Bum out!

Whether you know them by name or not, it is pretty much guaranteed that you have heard (and liked) Fa Fa Fa. It was on every commercial, video game and dj set for a bit, and is kinda the jam.

Toronto’s Woodhands are opening. These dudes sound promising – as cheesy as it sounds, their Katy Perry cover kinda bangs when the chorus drops. Bonus points: they rock a keytar.

The Rapture (dj set) @ Mighty

Mighty has a tease of a night… keep seeing flyers that say THE RAPTURE in 600px followed by (dj set) in 6px. While it is a dj set, these guys always throw down, so you got another fun option there.

$10 presale:


Telepathe, hawnay troof, Nite Jewel @ Bottom of the Hill

Bottom of the Hill also has a nice night with Telepathe. These ladies have earned a lot of well deserved hipster cred… If you don’t know them, their remix friendly “Chrome’s on It” is a great starting point.

Nite Jewel and Oakland's overlooked gem Hawnay Troof roundout the bill.

Wallpaper @ Rickshaw Stop

Wallpaper is playing the Blow Up party at Rickshaw Stop, which is a guaranteed great time. This is a rare act that can share a stage with Boys II Men and Flostradamus over the course a couple months, and get a positive reaction from both fan bases. Frontman “Ricky Reed” (Eric from Facing New York/Locale AM) lays down pure sex auto-tuned vocals over pure sex electro beats, both held together by the tight live drums of Arjun Singh.

Honestly, these guys are some hot shit – while hugely entertaining, they lead with their music, managing to hold your interest well after the novelty wears off.

Also, their video for T-Rex is fucking awesome:

Ear Pwr, Adventure, Shakes Gown @ Hemlock Tavern
Limp Wrist, WitchHunt, Ruidos @ Balazo 18

06.13 (Sat)

Thee Oh Sees, Jay Reatard @ The Independent

The Independent has local favorites Thee Oh Sees, who recently received a well-deserved favorable Pitchfork review.  If unfamiliar, Thee Oh Sees make sweet garage/folk tinged rock and are well worth a listen.

Jay Reatard – who has one of the more daunting discographies in 'the scene' – will be headlining the night.

Lazer Sword, Ghosts on Tape, Sleepyhead, Planet Asia, +more (Veni Vidi Vici) @ Club 6

Club 6 monthly Veni Vidi Vici party has a real solid lineup with epicsauce favorites Lazer Sword  gurping out the basement alongside Ghosts On Tape  (who does electronic music a bizarrely hard way) and the fucking raw sounds of Sleepyhead (dude kills it).

Word is Lazer Sword/Ghosts on Tape are doing a joint set – that shit could be real epic.

The party has a grip of other acts rocking out the other two rooms, but the basement is where you will want to be… be warned though, shit could get weird.

Get the $10 presale tickets while you can.

Au Revoir Simone, The Antlers @ Bimbos 365 Club

Bimbo’s has a solid night of pretty indie pop / slow jams with Au Revoir Simone and The Antlers. If you can survive the journey into the depths of North Beach on a Saturday night, and are looking for something a little chiller and less rockin’ than the above, it is most definitely the move.

1990s, ***1990s Cancelled!!*** @ Bottom of the Hill

06.14 (Sun)

Casy and Brian, no babies, Boys IV Men, The Press Fire, Awesomes @ Thee Parkside

Thee Parkside has a sweet mostly local show with Casy and Brian, no babies, Boys IV Men, The Press Fire and Awesomes.

Along with Oakland's stellar Religious Girls, the locally buzzed Casy and Brian are helping to define an updated basement-friendly Bay Area scene. It’s a sound that at times feels like SFs version of the excellent shit coming out of LA’s institution The Smell.

Drum heavy and with clear punk/dancehall roots, the duo bumps out sporadic jams that will make you want to move. It’s raw, minimalist and certainly not for everyone, but be sure to give them a listen. As mentioned, the bill is rounded out with a few other local and non-local acts with a similar take on this vibe (also real excited for Boys IV Men). Should be a great show.

Tussle, Hot Tub, (+more) @ Haight Street Fair

No excuses… go see the epicsauce favorite Tussle at the Haight Street Fair (FREE). Myspace says they go on the “Masonic Stage” at 3:30.

SF’s Tussle is everything that is fucking awesome about early 80s post-punk, yet with a foot firmly set in the more contemporary DFA-esque scene. Dancey ass shit, but think more solid rhythmic grooves than face-melting bangers.

And while an outdoor stage at 3:30 is probably not the optimal venue to see them (i.e. not a dark low ceilinged room where the trio rocks out on the same level as the crowd), it should still be a solid affair.

Still trying to lock down more info on the lineup.. looks like Hot Tub will be there as well. Check back for more info as the week progresses.

Warning: If it is anything like two years ago, this seems to be the only truly enforced alcohol ban in the city. Hide your shit.

A Camp, Gentleman Reg, Rubies @ The Independent

06.15 (Mon)

Casy and Brian @ Triple Crown (old Octavia Lounge)

Triple Crown (old Octavia Lounge on Market) has the previously profiled Casy and Brian headlining their bi-monthly Wigwam party – word is tickets are only $3. If you are looking to rock out on a Monday, this is definitely the spot to be.

06.16 (Tue)

Gene Ween (day 1) @ The Independent

The Independent added another Gene Ween date -- get tickets while you can, as this will most certanly sell out (the wed show has been for a bit).

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