Weekly Wooot -- Religious Girls, Miike Snow, Grizzly Bear, Starfucker and more

religiousgirls_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85_0.jpgAnother solid week of music, starting tonight -- Miike Snow at Popscene should be legit, but our vote is for The Present/Religious Girls at The Knockout.

Friday may have us making a rare trip to Oakland for Religious Girls/Boyz IV Men, but there is still plenty of shit for those generally opposed to leaving the city.

Grizzly Bear/Here We Go Magic is sold out Sunday, but tickets are still to be had for Monday -- get on that shit!

And Tuesday Starfucker/Atole will be hosting an indie dance party at Bottom of the Hill... guaranteed good time.

06.17 (Wed)

The Queers, The Mansfields, The Hot Toddies, The Atom Age @ Bottom of the Hill
The Crystal Method, LA Riots @ The Grand at the Regency Center
Gene Ween, (day 2) @ The Independent
Shellac @ Great American Music Hall

06.18 (Thu)

Miike Snow @ Popscene

Miike Snow will be making their first SF appearance at Popscene… ‘Animal’ is kinda the jam, but the hipster backlash has already begun. Regardless, this is likely the last time you will be able to catch them in a remotely intimate setting – could be some hot shit.

Bonus: Check out this sick Treasure Fingers "Animal" remix.

Religious Girls, Our Brother the Native, The Present, Queens, The New Future @ the Knockout

Really fucking excited for Oakland’s Religious Girls at the always awesome Knockout. As we previously noted, Religious Girls are at the forefront of a new basement-friendly Bay Area scene reminiscent of the awesome shit coming out of LA’s The Smell. Shit is all about drums, vocals and synth – real fucking raw and apparently real fucking epic live.

While a bit gurpy, Religious Girl's sound is actually pretty approachable… if you can hang with alt-bro gods Animal Collective, you can hang with this. Think High Places meets Foot Village… but local!

Get there early to check out the multi-instrumentalist in Our Brother the Native… and definitely stick around for Queens (Scott Mou) and The Present (hyped producer Rusty Santos/Jesse Lee from Gang Gang Dance) – these dudes are like BFF with Panda Bear!

The Fresh and Onlys, Idle Times, Snakeflower 2 @ Hemlock Tavern
Viva Voce, Cut Off Your Hands @ Bottom of the Hill
Deleted Scenes, The Rabbles @ Eagle Tavern
Shellac @ Great American Music Hall
Daedalus, Ghislain Poirier, Mochipit @ Mighty

06.19 (Fri)

Skream, Benga @ 103 Harriet

If you get down with Dubstep, it doesn't get much hotter, dark and OG than this -- Skream and Benga rocking out at 103 Harriet.

These dudes are both regarded as instrumental to the genres progression, and drop some heavy shit. The party should be fun.

Religious Girls, Our Brother the Native, Boyz IV Men, LVC, red handed @ House of Nostromo

As previously noted, Oakland's Boyz IV Men are fucking solid... Remind us a bit of the excellent synth heavy/dancey shit coming out of Portland. These dudes can start a dancefest in a bookstore, so House of Nostromo Friday should be hot. Is saying "post punk electropop" totally douchey? If so, disregard.

With epicsauce favorite Religious Girls rounding out the bill, we may just have to make our quarterly visit to the East Bay two days early (sorry Dad!).

house of nostromo - 4 5th Ave, oakland

Trainwreck Riders, The Botticellis, Gilded Rooks @ Bottom of the Hill

With Two Gallants, Dodos and Thee Oh Sees all respectively blowing up, Trainwreck Riders are the likely heir apparent to SF's folk-leaning punk scene. Personally, we are fans of the more polished and heavy sound they are developing in tracks like "Safety of a Back" -- expecting some more solid shit from these guys as time goes on.

The show is their official record release/tour launch party, so should be good times.

Them Jeans @ Rickshaw Stop
We Be The Echo, Martin Bisi, Great Dictator @ Hemlock Tavern

06.20 (Sat)

White Rabbits, The Subjects, Avi Buffalo @ The Independent

Somewhat slow Saturday, but still a few options... we may take the night off, but Pitchfork hyped White Rabbits is probably the best call. Apparently the live show is sweet.

Green Velvet, Designer Drugs @ Mezzanine

06.21 (Sun)

Beehive Spirit, Butterfly Bones @ Kimos

We caught SF local's The Beehive Spirit when the opened for the excellent Happy Hallows last month, and were pretty impressed with their take on the Princeton/Vampire Weekend style of indie rock. Expecting great things from these guys as their sound solidifies. For $6, it is certainly the move for those who did not lock down tickets to the Fillmore show.

Grizzly Bear, Here We Go Magic @ The Fillmore

No introduction needed -- Grizzly Bear are the fucking jam. And despite what you might think, the shit translates extremely well to stage. Real fucking amped for "The Knife" sing-along (apologies in advance). Sadly, shit is very sold out... but they added a Monday show! If you do have tickets, make sure to get there early for Here We Go Magic -- real pretty music that should complement Grizzly Bear quite well.

06.22 (Mon)

Grizzly Bear @ The Fillmore
Aziz Ansari (comedy) @ Punchline

06.23 (Tue)

Starfucker, Atole, White Cloud @ Bottom of the Hill

Portland favorites Starfucker are a solid Tuesday night call. Horrible band name aside, these guys (led by founder Josh Hodges) are pretty fucking rad...

Honestly, kinda shocking that these dudes have yet to blow up Passion Pit style... it came out last fall, but "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" is definitely one of our 2009 summer jams.

We are also real excited to check out Portland's experimental dance act Atole -- shit sounds pretty solid.

Side note: Kinda bummed that Guidance Counselor is not making the trek down to SF this time around -- the duo shared a drummer with Starfucker last time around, and were really fucking legit.

Isis @ Great American Music Hall

On the opposite side of the Starfucker pop spectrum, Isis will be bringing their epic post-rock take on metal to Great American Music Hall Tuesday. These dudes have a fucking huge sound, and the show is sure to be sick.

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