Weekly Wooot - Battlehooch, Lazer Sword, Cursive and more

lazersword_0.gifSo many options/hard choices again this week. Shit gets started tonight with Battlehooch/Deastro/Tempo no Tempo at Bottom of the Hill -- this is a stacked local lineup, so should be well worth the $10.

Epicsauce favorites Lazer Sword are sure to destroy Rickshaw Stop's Blowup party Friday... and oh shit! -- we have tickets to giveaway.

Saturday is a mixed bag with the downgraded yet always solid Cursive vs. the annoyingly hyped day 2 of the Spectrum Festival (fucking Boys Noize!).

And for our friends in the East Bay and the adventurous SF heads, Double Dagger at 21 Grand is a real solid call Tuesday night.

Just a small taste of another epic week -- here is the full breakdown:

06.24 (Wed)

Battlehooch, Deastro, Tempo No Tempo @ Bottom of the Hill

Real excited for SF’s Battlehooch at Bottom of the Hill – it is their record release party, so they are sure to throw down an extra solid set.

On one end, this is music for music geeks, by music geeks… a bit reminiscent of that mid-60s “lets take acid and evolve from awesome straightforward pop rock to mind-blowingly epic experimental pop rock” era. Yet the sextet still knows what it takes to keep the indie/hipster/warehouse kids happy – the dudes are multi-instrumentalist and even wear headbands!

Seriously though, these dudes opt-out of the Mars Volta prog ego mentality and choose to play shit that is fun, dancey and extremely approachable. Shit is sure to be hot.

And be sure to get there early… Ghostly International’s Deastro and SF’s Tempo no Tempo are both extremely solid. This is a rare no-filler night, so be sure to get there early.

Sunset Rubdown, Witchies, Elfin Saddle @ Rickshaw Stop

Our penchant for the Montreal indie scene is no secret. Clues fucking killed it a few weeks back, and we expect no less from the excellent Sunset Rubdown (Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade). But dudes.. shit is totally sold out! So we are either preaching to the ticket-holding choir or bumming out those that didn’t grab them in time (including us). LE SIGH!!

no babies, Baaaddd, VC4 @ Hemlock Tavern
Dat Politics, Mochipet @ Cafe Du Nord

06.25 (Thu)

Triclops!, Helms Alee, Grayceon @ Bottom of the Hill

Jello Biafra favorites Triclops! will be bringing their proggy take on punk to Bottom of the Hill. While we have yet to be blown away by their apparent legendary live show in previous encounters, this should still add up to a solid Thursday night.

Fake Blood @ 330 Ritch

If you are looking for a party, Fake Blood (Theo Keating) at Popscene Thursday is the move. Dude has a plethora of party friendly remixes under his belt (Hot Chip, Miike Snow, The Kills) along with some solid original productions. (check ‘Mars’). Word is he kills it... should be sweet.

Sugar and gold, Music for Animals, Castledoor @ Rickshaw Stop
Papercuts, Port OBrien @ The Independent

06.26 (Fri)

Benny Benassi @ Ruby Skye

Satisfaction is the jam, but not sure we could hang with the cheese dick Ruby Skye crowd on a Friday.

Major Lazer (Diplo and Switch), mophono, LTJ Bukem (feat mc conrad), +more..., (Spectrum Festival - Day 1) @ The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center

No need to hype it, because you will get 40 email blasts for this… lineup for Friday is:

Major Lazer, LTJ Bukem (feat mc conrad) DJ Vadim, BLVD, Antennae, Mophono, Sleazemore, Diego's Umbrella, Fou Fou Ha!, Discofari, Circus Metropolus, Kuze and MC Child, Malarkey, Kuze and Axiom MC

Lazer Sword @ Rickshaw Stop

Dare we risk the cliché, but SF’s Lazer Sword is some next-level shit -- we keep hyping these guys for a reason. Armed with multiple Macbooks, a kaos pad and an assortment of midi controllers Lazer Sword drops the fucking rawest of beats over a steady stream of solid acapella bangers.

Believe us – hearing a vocodered Missy Elliott synced to homegrown Flying Lotus-esque beats is as “OH SHIT!” inducing as the first time you saw Girl Talk. This is some shit you need to catch… dudes really know how to perform – the set is legit-live, improvised to meet the tone of the crowd.

And check this! Our friends at Blowup have been nice enough to hook up a couple lucky epicsauce readers with tickets to the show… enter here!

Oh, and if you have not already, be sure to download their excellent 2008 mix "Blap to the Future."

David Byrne, DeVotchka @ The Greek Theatre

06.27 (Sat)

La Plebe, Zeros, Unko Atama @ Gilman

We have mentioned our love for La Plebe in the past… but unless you are on the wagon, even they may not be worth the trek to the subfree Gilman on a Saturday.

Cursive, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Box Elders @ Great American Music Hall

We first caught Cursive during their 2001 Domestica tour, and were fucking impressed. At the time, these dudes would have been just at home on MacKaye’s Dischord as they were on Oberst’s Saddle Creek… and honestly, The Ugly Organ and everything before just gets better with time.  And while the two most recent albums are decent, the dudes seemed to have traded in their inner-Fugaziness for… something.

Maybe we are still just bitter about the lackluster 2008 Noise Pop appearance where they explained they would “play some new stuff” in lieu of the old (sigh), but not sure that this is a must see show for non-fans. That said, they have are pretty epic arsenal of material to pull from, so there are sure to be some highlights. Either way, do yourself a favor and grab Domestica – cannot stress how fucking great that album is.

Phoenix, Boys Noize, +more..., (Spectrum Festival - Day 2) @ The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center

Again… this shit is being pushed real hard. With the excellent Boys Noize rounding out the bill along with Phoenix, this could be worth throwing down the money.

Full Lineup is:
Phoenix, Boys Noize, Amazing Baby, Mopo, M3, Mozaic, Nikola Baytala, Richie Panic, Disco Shawn, Gooferman, Fou Fou Ha!, Circus Metropolus, Delacheaux, Sisters of Honk

Skygreen Leopards, Prince Rama Of Ayodhya, White Hinterland @ Hemlock Tavern
Warped Tour @ Pier 30/32
Wilco @ The Greek Theatre

06.28 (Sun)

Love Grenades, Top Critters, Big Moves (6pm... free) @ Hemlock Tavern

No reason not to head to the free Love Grenades show at Hemlock on Sunday. Love Grenades make dance friendly disco-tinged electro pop and perform the shit live. The sound is definitely on the poppy end of the spectrum (shit would kill at The Bait Shop or Peach Pit After Dark), but word is the show is a real indie crowd pleaser – expect dancing.

Might consider getting there early for Big Moves… have not heard too much about these guys, but they sound somewhat promising.

Telekinesis, The Mumlers, Mist And Mast @ Bottom of the Hill

06.29 (Mon)

Creatures, No Truce, Plead The Fifth, Dead Icons, Dark Days @ Sub Mission

Expect brutal Metal/Hardcore... we will probably take the night off, but if it is your thing it could be cool.

06.30 (Tue)

Double Dagger @ 21 Grand (Oakland)

Real excited to catch Baltimore's Double Dagger when they head to the Knockout next week, and we may even consider the journey to the East Bay to see them Tuesday.  The three piece (oh shit! No guitar) throw down raw, minimalist post-punk with clear hardcore roots. This is a sound that can really make us lose our shit live – give them a listen, and be sure to catch them while they are in town.

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